Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

To introduce our self to others,we usually tell our name,age,addres,and hobby.Sometimes we say our characteristics and physical descreption.

Example:   This is Achmad Anshori and I wants to tell about my self

Hy everybody,
My name is Achmad Anshori. You can call me Aan.I am from Wonosari and I am twelve years old. I was born on 29th April 2000 in Denpasar.I am the first child in my family. My father, Mr. Teguh is a soldier and my mother, Mrs. Muji Muryani is a housewife. I have one brrother. His name is Baghiz Atsal Wiradhika.
I like playing football,swimming and watching soccer on TV. Morever,I like playing games on the weekend. When I have spare time, I will blogging new artikel and OL. I can speak Indonesian,Bali and Javanese fluently, but I can't speak English well. I hope I can develop my English in my new school Magelang 1 Junior High School.
Well,that's all about my introduction. Thank you...

In order to more smoothly,pracice your self in front of the class or stage...THANK YOU...

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